Friday, 28 February 2014

WCED Acknowledgement of Academic Excellence

At the Metro Central District Awards for Language and Maths, on 26 February, Pinelands North received 6 awards, more than any other school in the district! In each of the district’s 6 circuits, the top 3 schools received Excellence Awards, and if the school had improved by 10%+ in either subject since the previous year, schools received Improvement Awards.  In circuit 4, Pinelands North received:
  • Excellence in grade 3 Maths
  • Excellence in grade 3 Language
  • Excellence in grade 6 Maths
  • Excellence in grade 6 Language
  • Improvement in grade 3 Language
  • Improvement in grade 3 Maths
PNPS Representives proudly displaying our certificates.
This is an amazing result for an inclusive Full Service School! Being a Full Service School means that we choose to enroll children who are different! At least 100 out of our 448 pupils are diagnosed with special needs such as specific learning difficulties, ADD or giftedness but we firmly believe that all children have special needs at different times! This makes us really proud too, when you realize that there are 26 schools in our circuit, and 151 schools in this district!

A result like this takes much work over many years! So, although we acknowledge our current teachers in the role they have played in this achievement, many other influences have created it. Our thanks and salute therefore go to those who have supported the pupils, the school and the teaching staff over the years:
  • to our parents and care givers who have ensured that their children have come to school on time every day, ready to engage in all the learning opportunities at PNPS,
  • to all those supporters who ensure homework is done every day,
  • those who have read, and been read to, on a regular basis,
  • those who play Maths and Language games as a family, for fun,
  • Governing Bodies and PTA members who have created resources to support learning,
  • support, admin and aftercare staff who daily create an atmosphere of learning,
  • those community members and NGOs like Help2Read who have supported our school,
  • past pupils who worked hard, mentored younger pupils and demonstrated good work ethics to the rest of the pupils.
These awards made me aware yet again, of the fabulous school I work at and the wonderful learning environment Pinelands North Primary School children are privileged to attend every day.

IP and FP HOD's with 2013 Top Grade 3 and 6 pupils.