Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Our Special Reality

… a beaming little girl rolls by, pushed by several friends all enjoying the sunshine.

… a miserable boy sits on a bench under a stop sign and immediately he is surrounded by helpful, friendly children.

… pyjama’d children lie on the classroom floor covered with sleeping bags as their pyjama’d teacher reads to them.

… a yellow labrador mooches over to a group of ducks to see if they have found discarded playground crumbs.

… a boy in a wheelchair holds the end of a skipping rope so that his friends can jump over the rope.

Did these ‘cameos’ produce the ‘aah’ response in you, the ones usually felt in a ‘feel-good’ movie?

In fact these are not movie cameos – this is reality, the special reality seen daily at our school!  What a special place this is.   During this year the inclusivity process has been consolidated and it has also become national knowledge – the word is out that Pinelands North is the place to educate your children if you wish them to grow up in the real world.
I’m so proud to be the principal of a school that reflects a truly diverse South African society! 

Go to our website to see for yourself or, if you’re feeling down and need a ‘feel-good’ movie, visit our wonderful school instead!