Friday, 14 September 2007

Truly African School in Pinelands

The other day I pondered on how Africa and its problems are affecting our school, Pinelands North. We are currently advertising several posts – teacher aides, a teaching post and a sports’ administrator. We have been overwhelmed by the number of refugee teachers applying, not only for teaching but for anything! We have also, this year, had several refugee families join our school family. Most of these families have left their homes, families, excellent jobs and possessions because of unrest in their own African countries.

South Africa is a haven for them now and we need to remind ourselves every day of the privilege of living in this country rather than in any other on this continent. Even though we hear daily about escalating crime,
most of us are seldom affected. When I interview prospective parents, several ask about the security of the school and I tell them that the reason we originally erected the fence was to protect our copper pipes!

As a school we really are privileged; we have supportive families who ’buy in’ to our school ethos, excellent staff who we can still handpick, facilities that rival many a private school and education standards that most new children to the school can not attain!
Thank you to all those who have made this possible; the past and current staff, parents and governing body members and the pupils who daily follow our motto – Aim High! Visit us to experience this wonderful ‘haven’ firsthand, and visit our website at